tendido cero, london

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average spanish in chelsea. I had come here for lunch because capote y toros was closed – I don’t understand this! not open for weekday lunches might be a good idea but it doesn’t make sense to me to close on weekend lunches, especially in a neighbourhood of chelsea. in any case, I’ve always wanted to visit either cambio de tercio or capote, and so I thought tendido cero might be a good idea.

the food is largely averagely decent, and service a bit absent, though when the waitress came around, she was very friendly. most of the food was typical tapas, and most of it also highly doused in olive oil. I think that might be a plus point for some people, but it was a tad too oily fod me.

we started off with a tuna tartare that was mixed with avocado and served with toast on the side. it wasn’t bad, but a little bland. the large fish eggs on the side helped to lift the tastes up a little, but I wish there were more of them! then again, my dining companion thought that the fish eggs made it strange.

we also had jamon on toast, as well as a complimentary basket of bread that was a little bland as well, but had a good texture that worked well with the bits of sauce we had on our dishes. the galician octopus dish – which is a dish I usually love – was quite good but rather miserly in portion.

we also had chicken with paprika, which wasn’t a very successful rendition of the dish. the chicken was dry, the potatoes were tasty but really quite oily, and neither the potatoes nor the chicken tasted like they had been cooked together, or even cooked with paprika. the only indication that paprika was in the dish was the colour of the oil.

our final dish was a spanish omelette with potatoes, and I think the best dish on the plate. it was fluffy and the potatoes were soft, and tasted good even after a long conversation.

I doubt I’d return, what with the mass of tapas restaurants that have popped up in london. after this I’m not sure how much I’d expect from cambio de tercio or the other restaurants in the family – but then again cero hasn’t been well-reviewed or very well-visited (the restaurant was half-empty at lunchtime) and so I’m hoping this is just the runt of the family, so to speak. I think the most indicative thing about my experience is that I can barely remember what I’ve eaten.

this sounds like such a grouchy review and I apologise! but I wasn’t too impressed which made me regret going there instead of the other restaurants around the area.

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