thai square, london

thaisq (1)thaisq (2)

average thai in south kensington. it’s my first time blogging with my phone – how do you like it? I try very hard to keep the photos on this blog high-quality and with good light that comes with a great camera – but I don’t always have it with me.

at south kensington, there are only a few options we consider for dinner, mainly kulu kulu and thai square (and maybe comptoir libanais, though I prefer yalla yalla which is further away). of course there are options like the south kensington creperie and the requisite bad-chinese-food places – but I would rather go home and have cereal.

(though I love cereal and go through a bag at alarming rates, so I leave you to decide just what that means about the creperie and etc.)

in any case, thai square is a good spot for a quick dinner. it’s not cheap, and is definitely more than a tenner each, though that’s not too bad in the area. the  photos are of a plate of fried squid – soggy breaded outside but rescued by the all-saving sweet thai chilli sauce, a plate of beef with chillis and sweet basil, spicy phad kee mao noodles, and a dish of mixed vegetables. in general the food is a  little on the salty side, and ought to be had with rice.

I’ve been here more than three times (I think), and it’s just a very convenient place to eat in the area. I just wish we had a few better-valued options around in southken!

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