vanilla yogurt pannacotta

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I’ve never realised how easy pannacotta is to make – especially when you have good quality vanilla paste. it becomes fragrant, and if you have a good recipe it helps you veer on the good line of not-rubbery so this turned out wobbly and smooth, although I think you might want a pannacotta made entirely out of cream if you want something as smooth as in the restaurants. here I wanted a balance between health and greed, and so using greek yogurt for part of the cream gave me something tangy and delicious but which didn’t make me feel nearly as guilty as a full-cream one would.

also I realise that while I like puddings, there’s probably a reason for why it’s probably best to just have it as part of a restaurant meal. I much enjoy cakes, picking off them in tiny almost-translucent slivers, whereas the decadence of a creamy pudding such as this makes it difficult to indulge too often.

I’m not including a recipe as I took this off a food blog, but I do have a few notes of my own:

  • I used a mini muffin silicon pan that gave me a great shape and cute tiny puddings – they almost make for great quality control
  • with silicon pans, make sure that the pannacottas have fully firmed up before you try to remove them – otherwise you risk cracking the surrounding puddings
  • vanilla paste instead of extract gives you the tiny flecks of vanilla we (or I, at least) so enjoy in restaurant puddings, and it’s not that much more expensive either!
  • I thought it was a bit plain, and so I made up a quick sauce of equal parts honey and blackcurrant jam heated up in the microwave. my partner thought it was a bit too tangy – but then he is of the sort that enjoys fruit so ripe it’s almost fermenting.

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