kulu kulu, london

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decent sushi in south kensington. so I promised that I would share with you places that you could eat at in south kensington, and here is my favourite. I come here very often after late nights in college or at the gym, and you’re almost guaranteed a meal if you come before 10pm. it’s conveyor belt sushi, so don’t go there expecting the standard that you might get at a sushi bar such as atari-ya.

in any case, one of the reasons we come here is the fact that we love the very perfectly ripe avocado they use here. they must have a good relationship with their grocer as the avocado here is almost always soft and melting and meshes very well with the sushi.

here are some photos of the things that are available on the belt, and are the things that we usually get. it is a very small selection of sushi available and what we get is usually the tempura handroll that comes with salmon sashimi as well as avocado. the play of textures in there is just fantastic, and they are also remarkably generous with ingredients. anything with the salmon or avocado or tempura or softshell crab usually works quite well.

queues can form in this tiny shop that I think barely sits 20, and it’s not really the sort of place that you make reservations at (though I haven’t tried). if you go at weird hours, you have a higher chance of being sat immediately, and if not I haven’t really waited more than 20-25 minutes for a seat.

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