roti chai, london

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decent indian in bond street. roti chai is a new restaurant very near to selfridges, and reminds me of busaba eathai in terms of decor and ambience. we made reservations for dinner on a weekday, but arrived very much earlier to an empty-ish restaurant and were seated downstairs in the main dining area. I believe the area above is a more casual, almost bistro-style format.

service was highly attentive, and I might say almost too much. it was a little too overtly friendly and while I would rather that than the opposite, perhaps this is merely staff teething in the wake of a new opening.

in any case, food is on the slow side, and so perhaps this isn’t the best place if you’re after a quick meal. they were offering a summer set menu which we didn’t go for, though in the end our ala carte came to the same price so it might have been a good idea. we started off with a virgin cocktail that had guava and coconut and ginger ale in it, and that was both creamy and refreshing. a very good drink.

the flavours were mostly good here, rather impressive actually. it isn’t fine-dining as such, but on par with busaba and more casual eateries so common in london. we started off with quail in a pomegranate barbecue sauce which was tasty and tender. the barbecue sauce was addictive, and the onion salad was not pungent at all. our other starter were pork ribs, and those were quite good too if a little dry.

we shared a keralan fish curry too, and it was creamy but not spicy at all. the fish was very good and succulent and tasty, and the dish went well with the orange-cumin roti and the garlic naan we ordered as sides. we also ordered a cucumber raita that was creamy and quite rich that went well with it.

I would come back because eating around selfridges is limited in options, and the only other place I can think of around there is royal china which is a bit more of a commitment to visit as it is a proper restaurant. not a bad restaurant, and quite a good fusionish indian place actually. I wouldn’t recommend it on basis of authenticity as I do not think it actually is, but it is a good place to have a meal and chat with friends.

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