kensington square kitchen, london

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decent brunch place at high street kensington. let me just start by saying that there is absolutely no decent place in london to get american-style stacked pancakes, where they come in a tall pile with syrup. it’s something I’ve been looking for for the last four years, but either they come in in tiny rounds or in the flat european style.

this place isn’t too bad, and it’s tucked in the back next to whole foods which is american, but has no pancakes incidentally. kensington square kitchen is a sort of squashed quaint cafe on the ground floor and basement, and has the sort of rustic unpainted wooden tables you’d expect for kitsch.

between the three of us, we had a breakfast plate of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon – very creamy; my blueberry pancakes which came with a sauce and some ricotta topping which were very tiny – they look big in the photo, but that’s deceiving; as well as the angus burger which was done perfectly medium and the most filling of the dishes. I also had a side of fried mushrooms that were very tasty though a tad oily.

I think this place isn’t too bad for breakfast/brunch, and it got pretty crowded on a weekend morning. now will someone please just create a pancake place? I’d be a most loyal customer.

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