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good american food all over london. so I wish byron expanded their menu to include breakfast, and more specifically pancakes, as they do do american food pretty well, such as milkshakes and burgers.

my partner loves this place for their thick milkshakes (he always gets oreo) that come in a huge rustic metal cup and tastes as though there are two to three scoops of ice cream in there.

the nice thing about restaurants like byron and ASK is that they are a breed that I think is unique to london: decent, good food at a reasonable price, quite a step over fast food. they have a sufficiently wide menu that you can go back often to, have good deals that make them even more worth the money, and use noticeably good ingredients.

I usually have a salad (yes, I know it’s boring but there are only so many rich meals you can have) and he has a beef burger that always comes moist and juicy. we almost always have the onion rings to share (battered, not breaded) and an oreo milkshake. a very nice and simple place, especially good for weekday dinners when you’ve been busy and can’t countenance cooking.

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