le fournil de l’artisan, lyon

fournil (1)fournil (2)fournil (3)fournil (4)fournil (5)fournil (6)

great little bakery in near the central train station in lyon. I have just come back from a week’s holiday in the south of france, where we ate our way through lyon, marseilles, nice and monte carlo, and I have some food photos to document our journey. and of course I’m pleased to share with you the best of the things we ate on this trip!

of course, while in france, the only thing I really want to eat is bread. not pastries, just lots of baguette and rustic bread. they do so well with its myriad forms, and I have blissful memories of my first trip in france with a baguette on my bag and a jar of nutella (new-tell-uh) as a constant snack.

we flew into Lyon, and this was the first boulangerie we saw upon arrival. it had a remarkably long queue (that picture above is taken on a second occasion when it was closed) and so as the curious hungry foreigners we were, we joined the queue to grab a spot of lunch.

over our two days in lyon, we tried a range of tarts and my partner had an especial liking for their jam sandwich that had a cream cheese-type spread – and he dislikes sandwiches with a vengeance. their fruit tarts were fresh on a harder sort of sweet pastry crust which I loved, and stood up well to the custard, and the dark chocolate banana tart shown here was lovely, with a lighter more sable-like crust and very dark chocolate.

this place is located near the main train station, only about 3-5 minutes away, so head there if you want a good bite. it is miles better than the standard expensive fare available at the station, even if what is available at french stations is better than in many places in the world.

located at 185 cours Lafayette, Lyon. telephone: 04 78 52 88 81

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