le saleya, nice

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let me start this off by saying that france has some of the best markets in the world, and le saleya in nice has been one of the most gratifying ones I’ve had the chance to visit.

this was the only market I saw on this trip due to time constraints, but my previous visits to france had already given me high expectations of the food you can find at french markets. this market was beautiful, with colours so bright and beautiful it was such a balm after having just came from the more dreary london summer.

we saw (and bought) fruits like there was no tomorrow (or rather I did and my partner humored me), like the first watermelon we’ve had since last october, a box of juicy, soft figs, some very sour physallis, as well as some pissaladiere from a store selling baguettes and bread.

the market also has stores selling provence specialties like herbs, soap and lavender products, flowers and meat. it is beautiful, and I wish I were back there now.

located along the Cours Saleya, Nice.

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