maitre chocolatier auer, nice

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traditional confectionary in downtown nice. this place is famous in nice for its glace fruit, and I dropped quite a few years off my age when I entered this candy shop. it’s designed in a style I can only describe as very old-school european glamour, with lots of gold and whites. you’ll see what I mean when you enter.

they sell a range of products, including chocolate bonbons, fruit cake, and even mini croissants and brioches, although they are famous for these candied fruit. I do have a sweet tooth, but I don’t particularly enjoy very sugary foods so I popped in here for its tradition and sheer curiosity.

what you see in the shopfront are large ceramic bowls of cooked candied fruit, and these include the normal things like orange peel and cherries, to apples and pears, and even things like kiwis and lime. we found out from the lady in the store that you could order these by weight, and there isn’t a minimum (this european practice ought to be exported to the rest of the world!) so we settled on a tiny piece of pineapple and four bright red cherries.

these taste as you expect glace chrerries to, very sweet, and with that unique (but expected) texture. the pineapple was a revelation though, sweet and melting. I think it makes a great deal of sense to cook pineapple this way as it breaks down even the fibrous core, and renders the rest of it meltingly tender. the tanginess of the pineapple also tempers the sugar very well. I won’t go further, but I do highly recommend a small slice of this if you visit.

this place belongs (to my mind) to those glamorous old european cafes, and really ought to be preserved as it very much still feels like it’s a part of the old world. if you’re only snacking and trying this out like we did, then try to get small pieces because it gets sickly very quickly and feels like it might give you diabetes.

and most definitely try the pineapple.

located at 7 Rue St François de Paule, 06300 Nice. telephone: 04 93 85 77 98

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