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great little diner in covent garden. I have to say I came with mixed expectations, as I had a great experience at spuntino but not such a great one at da polpo, and there is such a mix of reviews online about mishkins that saying I was sceptical would have been an immense understatement.

straight up, I have to say that this was a very good meal, well-executed as the diner it is meant to be, and the food was both tasty and quite special. not too expensive as well, though the portion sizes vary quite wildly (and rather illogically). I loved the kitschiness of the place, with its bar at the front and its warehousey-type feel, and its diner-style serve-yourself-cutlery and ketchup/mustard squeezy bottles.

we started off with some fried whitebait, nicely seasoned. this was followed by the special of the day which was some sort of pulled meat and corn fritters, also very well-seasoned and tasty. this was a very impressive dish. our third starter was the house fishcakes which were of the crumbly breaded sort and tasty enough, but the chrain accompanying it – essentially a horseradish purple beetroot salad – was very unpalatable to our asian palates. it had a weird mushy texture and a strange taste, and I did not like this at all though I usually have no problem with either horseradish or beetroot. no idea if this was prepared to be this way, or if it was just bad.

mishkin’s is known for their sliders and reuben sandwiches, and both were really good. the patty in the slider was moist and fatty and tasty – and I declare myself not a burger-connoisseur, but we enjoyed this. the reuben came in a large portion, and really surprised us. it was good tasty toast stuffed with slices of salt beef, and went very well with the sliced pickles served alongside.

we also had sides of fries and onion rings, both of which were decent. after finishing everything, we were still hungry (there were four girls at the table) and ended up ordering the turkey schnitzel. this was incredibly moist and lightly breaded, and came with an apply compote that went very well.

this so-far-really-good meal was capped with an amazingly awesome dessert of bananas foster. hot caramel and bananas topped with a vanilla-flecked ice cream. I still dream of this dessert. I’m throwing my review into the positive pile, and I think the hype has died down sufficiently that you should try and get a table to test it for yourself!

best part: miskhin’s takes reservations – such a boon in the fad of no-reservation places.

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