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mediocre food in nice. this was our last meal in nice, and boy was it a letdown. we had walked by countless times on the way back to the hotel, and were always enticed by the wood-fired oven. I think we are all trained to expect great food from good ovens, but this restaurant is an example of how good equipment does not mean a place can churn out good food.

bad food doesn’t deserve too many words, but my partner had a pizza topped with olives and anchovies, and I had the seafood salad. they were described really nicely on the menu, but the thing that made both dishes so bad was the excess use of salt. the pizza had salty cheese with salty olives and salty anchovies, and was spilling over with oil. my salad – which should have been easy to execute, had salty smoked salmon, and topped with prawns that must have been cooked in heavy brine as one bite of it made me feel incredibly parched.

the restaurant had great promise, but was let down by terrible salting. don’t come here.

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