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amazing pizza down in chiswick. so I’m throwing my reviews into the lot all over the london blogosphere, and I’m in the crowd that really likes this place. good crust, interesting toppings, and a nice place to sit and have a chat from friends.

there are limited options on the menu here, and with a group of 5 or 6, you’ll very easily try the entire menu if you get everything to share. I don’t distinctly remember what we had, but it was mostly good, with good crusts and tasty toppings. there also are two specials on the board, so be sure to ask if they don’t tell you.

I just have two things to say in particular:

  1. there is a special red wine listed on the menu (that I cannot remember the name of) which is described as being limited in supply – 1800 bottles in total or something like that – which we ordered, being the naive consumers we are, but please do not get it. it was hugely tannic and very strong and quite off-putting and though the men at the table were okay with finishing the bottle, probably for economic reasons rather than taste – avoid.
  2. we ordered some ice cream for dessert, as well as something with “butter” in the name. so sorry about being vague here! but it was amazing and good and rich and tasty, so get it.

I enjoyed myself at this dinner – and I think that for a decent meal, you’ll want to get (number of people minus 1) pizzas to share, as well as a few desserts.

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3 thoughts on “franco manca, london

  1. I really enjoyed the pizzas at the Brixton village branch but it is pretty hectic there with super long queues at weekends and quite a bit of pressure to eat up and leave asap. The Chiswick branch sounds a lot more civilised!

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