baozi inn, london

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fantastic chinese food in soho. this is a small eatery specialising in noodles and dumplings – usually spicy – and the food is usually very good and satisfying, service quick and helpful if a little brusque at times.

I’ve been to this small eatery quite a few times now, though this is the first time I’ve gotten around to telling you about it. it’s a little to me like busaba eathai – good quick food that’s reliable and casual enough for a weekday. it’s tucked away on a small lane in soho, so grab your gps if you haven’t been there before.

I usually start with a cold vegetable appetiser – garlicky spinach on this occasion,and I also tried the steamed pork bun this time. the pork bun had a very thick bread outside which I didn’t finish, though it was quite soft. the filling itself was tasty and moist.

I almost always order the spicy pork wantons, which have a substantial meaty filling surrounded by silky skin – these are boiled and then doused in a spicy mix of soya sauce and chilli oil. fantastic, and they totally whet the appetite. I’ve now had quite a few different bowls of their noodles, and found them usually at least decent, with al dente noodles in tasty sauces.

at this price range, you’d be hard pressed to find many places with such consistently good food that satisfy your appetite. queues are substantial during standard mealtimes and the place is small, but since service is quick you shouldn’t need to wait too long.

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