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interesting british-european in camden. I’ve put this post off for a very long time because logically evaluating the meal tells me that the food was good and quite interesting most of the time, but my instant response if you were to ask me how I felt about this restaurant is that I didn’t like it.

the place is larger than I expected (though just to share the toilet is the public one that theatre-goers can use, and hence not very pleasant) and service is young and a little absent-minded in the sense that sometimes it seemed like we were forgotten. the restaurant operates in small-plates, and the menu is divided to meat, vegetable and dessert types.

we started off with a nice enough dish of halloumi with beans. initially I thought it meant a legume-type bean salad, but what it was was a pleasantly surprising mix of mangetout, french beans and salad leaves together with fried halloumi pieces in a raspberry vinaigrette. fresh and good tasting. our second dish was calamari served on mayonnaise (I think) and topped with a sambal relish. for those of you who don’t recognise that ingredient, sambal is an asian condiment made with chillis and often a type of fermented shrimp paste. I know it doesn’t sound very appetising, but it’s very tasty and gives a good kick, and gave this dish quite a bit more interest as it would otherwise have been rather typical calamari on mayo.

as you can see by this time the lighting was getting quite dim – and while I do appreciate a romantic atmosphere, it was so dark that we nearly could not see our food, nor each other. this was a little annoying, and also the reason I could not really get good photos of our food.

I can’t remember now what we had for our next few dishes, but there was a white fish (a very tiny dish this one, tiny even by london standards), a turkey dish, and a pork dish. these were all quite good, nothing that special.

for dessert, we had a warm crumble with ginger crumble that was very good and comforting, and a less inspiring mango pannacotta that was overly firm and really more like an asian mango pudding than a true pannacotta, which you expect to be creamy and richly yielding, like the one we had at zucca or trullo.

these are a lot of words for a meal that I till now do not really have a positive impression of, and am bored of even writing about. but I thought I’d let you know how I felt about this place, and perhaps you’d like to let me know if you felt the same?

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