le pain quotidien, london

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my ultimate favourite brunch place in south kensington, and all of their branches. this is going to be a short exposition on the chain that is le pain quotidien.

rather, it is going to be a short homage to their white chocolate spread known as the blondie. I don’t ever eat white chocolate, but the thing about this spread is that it is creamy and rich, and goes so well with all types of bread (and even without). it is also far too easy to eat too much of it, which is why I never dare to buy a jar (they do sell them) or allow myself to come too often.

when you’re here, get their creamy scrambled eggs that are served with either ham,mushrooms or salmon – I like the mushrooms the most – and which is served with two slices of their bread. two slices helps to limit your gluttony, though I have been known to just eat the spread directly, much as with nutella and peanut butter.

the layout of this restaurant is rustic, with wooden tables and furnishings, a cake counter with very pretty desserts and cakes. they make their own jams and spreads of different chocolate flavours, which they lay out on the tables for you to have as you wish during breakfast, as much as you want. what I do is always ask for the hazelnut, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate and the blondie on the tables, and oh forget about the jam. once you taste the ambrosia that is their chocolate spread, you’ll easily find another occasion for having jam.

if you’re in a party of two hungry people, or three normal, then order the bread basket that comes with a range of the different breads they have on sale at the cafe counter and go FULL-GLUTTONOUS with the delicious chocolate spreads, especially the blondie. you’ll thank me for this.

the food also isn’t too expensive and very tasty and service is quick, so this place is a keeper. I know this turned out into a long post and I’m sorry, but I find it so hard to contain my enthusiasm for this place (I’m so hooked my partner often uses this as a bribe/incentive).

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