oriel grande brasserie, heathrow

oriel (1) oriel (2)oriel (3) oriel (4)

decent diner in heathrow terminal 3. so airport and airplane food is typically bad and not quite worth paying too much for, which is why I usually stick to sandwiches but this time it was like sort of saying goodbye to london and so we decided to go for something more special.

oriel’s has a large bar in the front, and the inside was a mock-up of a retro-style paris bistro. it has a medium-sized menu typical of restaurants in this style, ranging from all-day breakfasts to french ‘classics’.

my partner had the eggs royale which was quite decently executed, though of course nothing as great as cecconi’s, but then again you don’t expect that – very good for where we were. I had the caesar salad and here’s a good time to talk about their polite and helpful staff who kindly replaced my plate of salad when I reminded them that I had asked for my dressing separate. they came often to let me know that it was coming, as well as to apologise.

we had a side of onion rings which really were shoe-string-style rather than rings. these were a tad greasy and not seasoned very competently but they weren’t bad though I’d probably try something else another time.

we finished with a tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, which quite impressively came flecked with specks. this was quite nice and warm but I don’t really remember too much about it so I’m taking that to mean it wasn’t great.

anyway, a good option for if you’re in t3. it’s quiet, and doesn’t have the crowds you so often get in the other places like pret a manger. you can also sit here a while and linger over your meal if you have time to spare, and it felt almost a bit like a sanctuary in the too-packed airport.

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