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decent chinese in the serangoon country club. I mean to start as I intend to go on, and I think dimsum is a good introduction to life back home. inexpensive and decent dimsum is something london lacks, especially in the cheap department, and is also something I missed incredibly (but of course london has great dimsum, like at yauatcha).

anyway, dimsum in singapore at chinese restaurants means an additional menu over ala carte at lunchtime and yumcha does a great range, with decent salted egg custard buns (I’ll give you a more in-depth introduction next time) as well as good steamed rice rolls – both dishes usually my tests for the chefs’ competency. they do a stir-fried glutinous rice dish that you can ask the waiters about, as well as a crystal skin seafood dumpling which my parents always order when we come here.

for you non-asians, or unknowing asians, crystal skin dumplings differ from the standard almost-opaque dumpling skins on popular items such as hargau (or prawn dumplings) as they are chewy and transparent. these are softer and elastic and the mark of a good crystal skin dumpling is in being thin and strong enough to hold the filling in, as its ‘softness’ leads to easy tearing.

what I want to share with you at yumcha isn’t really a dimsum dish (not today anyway) but a new dish off their ala carte menu of steamed kailan – a green vegetable with edible crunchy stalks and dark green leaves – topped with a mixture of preserved vegetable and minced meat. I think the leaves are steamed in the huge bamboo basket and then topped with the fried meat mixture. the meat can seem a little greasy at parts, but it goes very well with the plain vegetables. give this a try if you ever visit yumcha!

this outlet of yumcha is large and has a good crowd going even at lunchtime on weekdays, so I recommend making reservations. good food at decent prices.

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