sushi tei, serangoon

sushitei (1) sushitei (2)

decent japanese part-of-a-chain at serangoon circus. I come here quite often to lunch with my aunt, and it is popular enough that it needs no real introduction. it is one of a few conveyor-style sushi restaurants in singapore, and probably the best and also hence most expensive one. it’ll still be cheaper than eating at a proper sit-down-get-served japanese restaurant, but I would consider this mid-range.

anyway this is a short post as this place does very good sushi and has far too many dishes for me to go into too much detail. if you’re a visitor to singapore – whether now or in the future – bear in the mind that the one thing we do very well is food choice. in this case you’ll notice the sushi come in myriad combinations of the same basic japanese ingredients, but given that the food is usually fresh and tasty, this works out quite well.

I’d just like to draw your attention to a particular dish (as in my previous post) which I found very good and interesting (also probably relatively new). this is a cold dish of raw cuttlefish sashimi strips mixed with slimy okra slices – it is meant to be slimy so don’t be too put off – seasoned with soya sauce and served over raw grated radish.

the textures and the slipperyness of the dish work very well together with the bland and refreshing radish, making it a cool but tasty dish that works so well in this infernal heat.

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