chikuwa tei, clarke quay

chikuwa (1) chikuwa (2)chikuwa (3) chikuwa (4)chikuwa (5) chikuwa (6)chikuwa (7) chikuwa (8)chikuwa (9) chikuwa (10)

great japanese hidden away at mohammed sultan road. i discovered this place sometime last summer when I was on holiday, and I think it must be one of the best places in singapore to get a good japanese meal at reasonable prices. japanese food is popular in singapore, ranging from conveyor-belt types to proper expensive restaurants. sometimes you really just want a good meal.

here, they do great sashimi and japanese classics like sashimi and teppanyaki dishes, but there are tow dishes you really should try if they have it. the first is the beef teriyaki, which is a common mainstay on japanese restaurants. here very thin slices of beef are used, as well as an immensely savoury sauce. delicious.

the second dish was a special of the day, a fish head cooked in an entire bottle of sake with vegetables on the bottom. it’s served alongside soya sauce with chilli and garlic, which goes very well with the sweetness of the fish. the sake also leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste that works very well. the cost of the fish head is about 10 dollars, but you pay also for the bottle of sake – about 30.

this place is still a relatively hidden gem, and I’m being so nice sharing it with you. let me know if you have good japanese food recommendations!

3 thoughts on “chikuwa tei, clarke quay

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  2. Have you tried the namesake dish, that is, chikuwa? It’s a tube-shaped fish paste cake (back to the word cake again), and I only know it from a Japanese tv show years ago about a guy playing a chikuwa flute.

    If you have no other reason to go to Japan…

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