dean & deluca, town

just a few photos for you about the brand new imported foodstore in orchard central. this is an outpost of a famous store in the united states of america and boy was I excited at the prospects of possibly buying cheap-ish cereal as well as other western treats. but alas, it was not meant to be. I’m not sure why I had such high hopes anyway since dean & deluca are a gourmet food store.

in any case, after viewing quite a few posts about its opening, I had this impression that it was a large sort of emporium, but really it isn’t. it only occupies typical corridor-width with treats laden on metal shelves on either side, as well as islands intermittently through the length of the store. there is also a cafe at the end serving salads, desserts and cafe-type dishes, but they are also a little dear at more than twenty dollars per dish so this really is more of an excursion type place.

there were coloured sugars, some bakeware and lots of specialty food products. a bag of artisan pistachio marshmallows caught my eye, but they were sixteen dollars. no thank you very much. very pretty store though, and perhaps worth a visit if you’re looking for some esoteric sort of ingredient.

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