hatched, bukit timah

average brunch place at deep-in-good-to-have-a-car Evans road. I really wanted to like this place, especially since I’ve been hearing about it for quite a few summers now but the location always kept me away. it has an egg-centric menu, which I think is for all-day-dining, with mainstays like various poached egg dishes and croque madames. the place is cramped, so make reservations; the food was average at best and service was dismal. at times we got a friendly old man who came by to check if we were staying on to chat (thanks for not making us order anymore!) but usually we were served but this younger waiter who sniffled and rubbed his nose on the back of his hand while taking out orders. gross.

the place is done up in rustic style and is quite kitschly quaint actually. incidentally that day I was in no mood for eggs so I ended up with the bircher muesli (though really I always order this if it’s on the menu), and my friends had the eggs royale and another dish of fried egg over some sort of hash.

I just have to mention that the price of the dishes only include one portion of egg, and you have to top-up for one more egg. I thought this was ludicrous and rather stingy – after all standard brunch portions come with two eggs.

in any case, my bircher muesli wasn’t great though alright – no discernible grated apple, very watery and sweet and I guess this probably because they soak it in milk and apple juice or some sweetener instead of using proper apples. my friends seemed happy enough with their dishes though really all a restaurant needs is not to mess up the classics. interestingly the eggs royale came with a side of mash with a mushroomy-gravy which wasn’t too bad but was reminiscent of cream of mushroom.

we were all still hungry what with the single egg portions and my muesli, so I added two eggs served with soldiers and my friends had the lychee yoghurt. we had such a laugh when the yoghurt came – it was dished out in a hugely oversized cup and they only filled one-third of it with some lumpy off-white yogurt. not the most appetising but it seemed to have gone okay with them. my eggs were alright and not overcooked; the soldiers came skinny, made of white sandwich bread and alarmingly anaemic but it had been toasted, so not bad.

I don’t think this place is worth the trek out, especially without a car. I didn’t like the fact that we had to pay extra for a standard portion of brunch, and the service was inconsistent. the food itself is alright, but I think there are much better options out there.

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