honeymoon dessert, town

decent asian dessert at the paragon shopping centre by the huge thoroughfare that is orchard road. there isn’t a whole lot to say about this place – just that it is an example of the hongkong-style dessert stores that have popped up in singapore in the last few years. they have a good range of very-asian desserts, which means things like pastes/creams made from beans and nuts such as almond cream, sesame paste, as well as fruit-based desserts like mango pudding and jellies.

most dishes weren’t outstanding, though they did pretty well to satisfy our sweet tooths. the presence (both visually and through its teeny ping of notification) of a microwave marks it quite accurately as a simple sort of regular cafe, the sort that so fill london boroughs and singaporean shopping malls.

one dish was very good though, a coconut-coated mochi wrapped around mango. its exact name on the menu eludes me now, but I’m sure you can find it. it comes in a plate of four, fragrant with coconut and a soft exterior, and gratifyingly contains a cube of ripe mango.

if you don’t know, mochi is basically a sort of elastic dough made from different grades and types of glutinous rice flour. most asian cultures have a form of mochi, from the delicately elastic and most popular japanese sort – to the less elastic and more stodgy korean kind. the one here is closer in ‘mouthfeel’ to the japanese sort.

not a bad cafe if you know what you’re coming for, and good as an introduction to asian desserts especially for tourists. for something truly authentic and artisanal, you probably need to look further afield.

update: the double-boiled milk with baked almonds and walnuts is fantastic. it is essentially a pudding just like soya beancurd, but with a slightly sifter and looser consistency, and here topped with almonds and walnuts and a sweet honey syrup. very nice.

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