japanese sun dining, town

expensive, but very good japanese in chijmes. I’ve been to this outlet of sun and moon a few times, and it is in fact the only one that my family continues to patronise. japanese food may be popular in singapore, and we have many offshoots of famous japanese ramen establishments as well as have conveyor-belt sushi places but there is a dearth of very good restaurants where you can get a wide range of japanese food – i.e. from tempura to sushi rolls to noodles and teppanyaki. chikuwa tei, which I just recently blogged about, falls in this category,  but it is of a more homely atmosphere than the semi-fine dining one here.

the choices are large on the menu here, and we truly have not yet ordered something we haven’t liked. most dishes are quite expensive, though really not extraordinarily so – and therein I think lies its attraction. japanese restaurants in the various hotels charge terribly exorbitant prices, rendering them only candidates for truly special dinners whereas this place works very nicely for a nice night out with the family or a date.

I mentioned previously that chikuwa tei has a more homely atmosphere, and that’s because it contrasts with this particular branch of sun and moon, which is done in a very tastefully luxurious manner, and suits itself both to being dressy on a romantic date, as well as a good place to chat.

in any case, you can see from the photos that we had a wide range of food. the aburi salmon rolls were very good, as are most of their special maki rolls. the tempura is crisp, the tamago warm in a very tasty broth, the chirashi fresh and quite generous, and the unagi-egg rice bowl very comforting. not much else to be said for good food, really.

so good food, at a relatively high price point in a nice place. sometimes that’s what you want, and its convenient location and consistent food and service keeps us coming back.

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