maison kayser, town

average little cafe at the newly refurbished scotts plaza. so eric kayser is rather famous in the patisserie/baking world what with his group of bakeries and cafes starting up in all parts of the world now. he’s especially known for his skills as a baker, and so I came with pretty high expectations.

my impression is that this place was known for its eclairs and so we decided upon that and an apricot-pistachio cake for tea-time. the chocolate eclair was tasty though nothing really special. the apricot-pistachio was more unusual, especially since this sort of dessert is still rather uncommon in singapore (no matter its popularity in europe). the cake was made with almond meal, which made it denser and had that characteristic texture of almond tortes – I really enjoyed this as well as its green colour.

the hot chocolate was decent, but just as with the eclair, nothing to really shout about. the cafe has an open concept, with a glass counter of sandwiches and a small selection of cakes and eclairs as well as bread stacked up behind. the choice of sitting was unusual – with either very low tables and chairs, or high bar-type chairs and matching tables. I rather wish they had typical chairs instead – so at least we’d be more comfortable (I’ve never understood the allure of dining on couches and low tables).

not a bad cafe, but nothing so special. I’d head to marmalade pantry, PS cafe or other equivalent cafes for tea time instead, and really if you’re in singapore, the japanese bakeries do much better pastries and desserts – think french but lighter, with more delicate flavours and textures.

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