asia grand, town

average-ish chinese food at odeon towers, next to bras basah complex and at the back of raffles hotel. I came here for lunch with two girlfriends in an effort to try out as many dimsum places as I could in singapore, and while it wasn’t too bad, and was also relatively inexpensive as compared to some other places, I think yumcha or bosses would be better alternatives.

you can see from the photos that we had a wide range of dimsum, and mostly the classic sort. just to quickly summarise the meal, the shumai (minced pork steamed in yellow dumpling wrappers), hargou (prawns in a thicker white wrapper), charsiu (roast pork in a sweet and savoury sauce) buns and beancurd wrapped prawns were decent. the egg tarts were quite good, custardy and tasty.

what were bad though, were the steamed rice rolls with prawns. they were so floury I could actually taste what must have been the dusting flour on them, and that wasn’t so great. the rolls were also rather thick, unlike the delicate silky rolls they should have been. another disappointment were the salted yolk custard buns, which are my things when having dimsum. they came in a brown-swirled bun (that I later read from another blog was meant to taste of coffee, but which it really didn’t) and the salted egg custard inside was dry and curdled and did not flow. the taste of the custard wasn’t too bad, though I almost definitely wouldn’t order it again.

I think it’s unfortunate that the two dishes by which I judge dimsum at a restaurant – that is, the steamed rice rolls and the salted yolk custard buns – were done really badly. the other dishes were decent and the prices here are actually quite reasonable, and the decor and feel of the restaurant lends it to boisterous gatherings and family meals.

come here if you’re in the area and you just want a convenient place for a family meal – it is out of the shopping centres and therefore doesn’t feel nearly as crowded. you will need reservations though. otherwise, I suggest visiting bosses, taste paradise or even yumcha for a good dimsum fix.

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