ku dé ta, town

great location, and surprisingly affordable drinks up high up in the marina bay sands. first off, how gorgeous is that view, as well as the bar itself? I sometimes feel like singapore’s a bit limited in late entertainment options unless you drink, but sometimes such a strong emphasis on night spots creates places such as this.

I really am not a night person, though I’ve started going out more frequently this year to places such as this and so I do know what I like – mainly places with decent background music that keeps the conversation flowing, at volumes at actually allow chatting as well as an array of so-called girly drinks. I did mention I’m not a connoisseur, didn’t I?

ku dé ta fits all of my criteria, and we had initially thought there was a cover charge just to go up – as there is to visit the skypark during the day – but there wasn’t. it was easy enough to get the lift up to the bar area. we were there at barely 11 and it still wasn’t too crowded, so we got a standing table first to better appreciate the view. I ordered a berry-bellini and my friend an alcoholic coffee, and we were happy enough nursing them for an almost hour.

the clientele isn’t rowdy or noisy, and not sleazy at all (I fancy the sleaze occurs on the other side at the club, where there is a cover charge and raucous music). just a quick tip that the restaurant closes after dinner, so there is no possibility of getting any nibbles. the nice result of this though, is the fact that the restaurant tables are available for you to sit at and lounge about. really lovely.

also, I had called before coming to enquire about a table at the club, and you can only get a sitting table with minimum spending of $2500 and a standing one with $1500. completely ludicrous prices to me for what really is just a drinking hole and raucous music. but hey, perhaps that works for you?

I’d be happy to come back, and it currently figures in my short list of favourite nightspots.

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