pizzeria mozza, town

great pizza joint at the marina bay sands. so I’ve been here before and also written a post – but removed it because I wasn’t happy with the photos – so I made such a huge sacrifice in coming back here again just so I can share nice photos with you. ok, so maybe it wasn’t such a huge sacrifice. I really really like this place, and sometimes I start daydreaming about the pizza here.

so I’m not really a conventional pizza person – in that I don’t really enjoy the sort of doughy-crusted pepperoni pizza or slightly-better-than-fast-food versions we all had growing up. what I like is really good ingredients mounted on good worth-eating dough, preferably thin enough to have a crackling crust but thick enough so it doesn’t feel like a cracker. most conventional doughs don’t really taste like anything, so it’s completely gratifying when you bite into a crust and there are yeasty flavours as opposed to a sort of spongey mass.

not very difficult to see why I so enjoy mozza then. a collaboration between a baker and a chef? that can only spell good things when they decide to specialize in pizza. I’ve had a range of pizzas here and consistently enjoyed them – fresh, tasty ingredients mounded generously (if you can use that word since these pizzas are by no means inexpensive) on a crisp and airy, but still substantial crust. my favourites have been the mushroom and nettles-and-egg variants  you see up there, and my least favourite so far has been the one with yukon gold potatoes. there’s was nothing really wrong with it except that I’m not enamoured of the carb-on-carb concept, but otherwise even then the potatoes were flavourful and aldente.

you walk away from a meal here quite full if you order the pizzas, and without an exorbitantly large bill – it’s probably very good value for the location. I’m of a mixed mind about the appetisers; they are tasty and exhibit a wider diversity of flavours and have greater complexity in their pairings, such as calamari with chickpeas, or even their meatballs in tomato sauce, but they are priced  ludicrously expensively. I’m not completely sure they are worth the price, even if the flavours are good. have to say that the burrata we ordered as part of the mozza caprese was fantastically creamy though – I might get this again the next time I’m here.

I’ve never managed the desserts here either since we usually leave really satisfied after the pizzas (barely four slices a girl, bearing a few leftover bits of crust; and each pizza has six slices so you figure how many pizzas you require) but you let me know when you do, and how it went.

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