itacho sushi, buona vista

average-mediocre Japanese food at buona vista. so we took the train to buona vista in an effort to get to graze at rochester park (more on that later in another post) and lo-behold the rain put a stop to all that, which is why we ended up at the spankingly brand new mall, star vista.

this mall is in an open style, with three (I think) levels of circles with shops and mostly restaurants. we ended up at itacho mainly through elimination of the other options. I’ve been to itacho before at the orchard ion and remembered decent prices and alright food, but this time it seemed more like worst-than-sushi-tei food and really not worth it at all. I’m a huge fan of the sushi tei chain, just to let you know, and I think they do decent and really quite good food for rather reasonable prices.

so anyway, there isn’t much to say about this meal (if it was bad then there would be, but as it is mediocrity inspires few words) except that that gorgeous photo of a long piece of eel on rice (unagi sushi) on the menu was the biggest letdown, if only because it promised so much. It came anaemic and not really fatty enough to melt the way it ought, and so it was just an average piece of sushi with a longer topping.

I would avoid the queues, and spend my time – and money – at the sushi tei franchise. I think there was lots of hype surrounding this place when it first opened at the ion, and I realise now they have opened quite a few branches in the time I’ve been away, but it’s no longer really deserving of it. if you really don’t have another option around you while you’re craving Japanese though, this place might do.

p.s. stay tuned for my post on graze – I promise something good.

2 thoughts on “itacho sushi, buona vista

  1. YES, i finally decided to retrieve my password so that i could start commenting.

    anyway i went there once and was really disappointed too! (though i left with a slightly better impression than my first time at itacho) ordered this rice “bowl” which turned out to be no bigger than a normal-sized nigiri sushi and it was quite pricey too ($5 for a small lump of rice?)

    people have been telling me that the aburi salmon is good though so i might just visit 1 more time just to try that out.

    miss you dude! seeya when you’re back!

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