graze, buona vista

amazing australian/western food in the deep of rochestor park, away from the crowds. there is a very special place in my heart that graze occupies, and has done so since my first visit here perhaps four years ago. I associate it with good friends, great service, a cosy ambience and really good food – and I tend not to meet people here that I don’t particularly like, just so I don’t taint my everlasting memories of graze with them. unfair? – I think not.

there is something to be said about having a place you can count on to have a good time, and when I found graze that long ago, I prayed very hard it wouldn’t close (I’ve been trying my best to keep them alive by spending much of my brunch money here) as in the case of so many diner-ies in singapore- and it hasn’t, thank god.

I won’t go much into their brunch offerings today (only on weekends, mind you) since I was here only for dessert after an unsatisfying meal at itacho sushi, but look at all that gorgeousness. I wouldn’t say this place is particularly cheap, but it’s great for worth of money and filling the belly – we had the dessert platter to share because we couldn’t decide on which ones to order, and this plate truly comes with taster portions of every dessert on the menu. perfect for gluttony. probably not the best idea after a meal (no matter that it was small) since I think you could just eat this and be happy, but good lord:

  1. a so rich and so good still-molten chocolate lava cake that went great with the vanilla ice cream on the side;
  2. cubes of cake with caramel sauce i.e. sticky toffee pudding;
  3. a pavlova with cubes of fruit and some sort of coulis on the side – I have no idea as to the appeal of a meringue as it’s pretty much airy and insubstantial calories so we basically left this alone;
  4. brilliantly dense banana pudding that essentially tasted like heavily-bananaed custard with a burnt sugar crust;
  5. a delicious apple and rhubarb crumble, though nothing remarkably out of the ordinary; and
  6. a wine-poached pear dessert served over salted caramel crumbs that was very good – there is something particularly alluring about salt in sweet food.

I refer you to their menu, since I’ve probably butchered the explanation of their desserts and so you ought to try it yourself. I don’t have images for you now, but you had best try their pancakes and oh-so-fluffy thick toast. it’s a toss-up for me now as to whether I prefer the food at barracks or at graze, but barracks feels a little too open to me now and far-too-crowded with hipsters – so graze wins for now.

10 thoughts on “graze, buona vista

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  7. hello fellow dessert lover! landed onto this post by chance after clicking on ur inter-link from café melba. couldn’t attend that event unfortunately but guess I didn’t miss out much :P by the way, graze looks good to me and would love to try their desserts.

    -Li Tian

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