sip babylone, paris

located at 46 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris. more information available here.

decent cafe near the marche raspail in the 7th arrondissement. we popped by this place after a leisurely stroll in the beautiful organic market located along the boulevard raspail – where I had gorged myself on blueberries and heavily-fruited bread – since my parents were hankering after a cup of coffee with which to start the morning.

I haven’t many photos here, but they do serve a mean fluffy omelette, huge and filled with cheese and ham, as well as a very fluffy brioche. there are displays of pastries and cakes by the window, but we opted for a fluffy brioche and a couple of cooked breakfasts. they ran out of croissants when we were ordering, but I saw them bring up huge trays of freshly-baked croissants mid-meal that looked fantastic – so maybe you ought to try those!

bring your french though, as the waiters aren’t the most friendly and the english menu isn’t really comprehensive – we ended up gesturing and pointing to the omelette another diner was having.

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