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best fish I’ve had in london – or at the least the best that I can recall, located near high street kensington. I am really excited about sharing this with you – it was such a fantastic meal with staggering portions, my family had a lark of a time (especially because we love fish and seafood) and I am still berating myself over the fact that I never visited once in the last four years – truly idiotic behaviour. I implore you to learn from my mistake and come have a great dinner here.

it’s strange – I’ve eaten a heck lot over the last four years while living in london, and I’ve never truly had a plate of fish and chips on my own. sure, I’ve nibbled off my partner’s – all in the sake of being a proper food blogger – but there has never been a restaurant that struck me as being nearly so incredible that I wanted to order a plate of fried fish. for all that I eat, I do still try to go healthier when possible, and a huge fried something doesn’t fall into that category. full disclaimer here though: I didn’t order an entire battered fish for myself, and merely shared with family because I was worried, but there was absolutely no need to.

we didn’t expect the portions here to be nearly as generous as they were, and so we ordered five mains and three sides between the four of us. complimentary bread was served in a rustic tin alongside salted butter at the side of meal too, so that added to the heft of the meal. the bread wasn’t fantastic – slightly too elastic and almost tasting a little like stale sourdough, it was edible but certainly wasn’t great. we had indicated that the calamari main had been ordered as a shared starter and so it arrived first, delightfully springy rounds of squid in a thin crispy batter. the rounds are a little thinner than you might usually get in other restaurants, but this wasn’t a bad thing as it certainly reduced any chance of them seeming like too-elastic rubber bands.

we also had a starter of onion rings to share. oh fantastic. they were thick rings of sweet white onions in a thin batter that stuck to the rings – one of my pet peeves is fried batter that slip off ingredients. there was a strange sort of chilli sauce that I didn’t like, but ketchup worked just great.

my dad and I picked two grilled fish of the day (amongst a choice of four) – one plain alongside a lemon half, and one topped with a tangy salsa. the fish were both cooked perfectly, separatably flaky and firm, with no discernible fishiness. you never really think of fish as being a rich sort of food, but it does strike you as such when your meal is essentially a slab of fish; I have an insatiable love for protein, and fish is a firm favourite but the lemon did do a fantastic job of cutting through that monotony in taste.

the battered fish arrived – we do prefer battered over breaded – and they were HUGE. the haddock was one huge long piece the length of my arm, and the cod came in a ball the size of my two fists placed together. I’m so sorry I don’t have photos of the dishes as the place was dark and they didn’t turn out too well – but why not visit and have a look yourself? the batter was golden brown and crisp, and the fish fresh and tender – flakeable with a turn of your fork. I’m a ketchup fanatic, and the fish went down really quickly; and i also ravaged the plates when my mum and grandma couldn’t finish. yum.

the sides were also larger than average – we had green beans that came with a little pool of olive oil at the bottom, tasty but a little too greasy, the mash was really creamy and really too rich for serving in such huge quantities but would you really complain for being served quite too much?

great food, at remarkably low prices, and fantastic quality. come here and try it for yourself!

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3 thoughts on “geales, london

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  2. If you loved it that much, the pictures are misleading although I’m an expert at judging from photos. To me, the greens look flavorless, the big fish [the one without topping] potentially slightly overdone & the mash has completely the wrong color & could be from a pack. That said, I know appearances can be deceiving.

    • then perhaps it’s my fault – the mash was very nicely whipped, the greens were proper salted if a little oily. the fish.. I wouldn’t have classified it as overdone but I might possibly have been just as well if it had been cooked a couple seconds less!

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