addie’s thai cafe, london

really good thai food at earls court. addie’s is pretty well known despite the fact that it’s more of a local than a destination restaurant, but the offerings of fantastic thai food at reasonable prices in london are less abundant than you might think. I generally like going to busaba eathai, but with a small-ish (comparatively) menu as compared to addie’s, the flavours there can get a little monotonous after a couple visits – and addie’s is brilliant for punchy thai meals.

I’ve been here a couple times – I used to live not ten minutes away – and I can tell you pretty confidently that most of the food is very good. if anything, the food can be a little salty or a little too spicy at times, but in general the dishes match well with plain steamed rice. at this meal we started with tom yum soup, before a slew of main dishes arrived including a beef green curry, grilled prawns in a tangy dressing, our favourite thai stir-fried mixed vegetables – there’s just something about the way the thais cook their vegetables till they’re sweet and tender.

there is one dish I always order when I come to addie’s, and that is the whole steamed fish you see up there. served in a fish-shaped in a clear sour-spicy soup with loads of herbs, chopped garlic and slivers of chili, this is an amazing dish. it is pretty traditional, and the fish remains moist and flaky, and that soup goes very well with rice – a little too strong-tasting on its own though. we discovered a very good dish during this visit: the innocuously-named thai garlic stir-fry (with chicken). this was an afterthought as our belts weren’t nearly at full expansion, and what we got were tender slices of chicken in a very savoury brown sauce. a must-order, in spite (or because) of its simplicity.

service is pretty friendly though harried – the restaurant is pretty small and tables are cramped close to each other, so the few waiters need to flit between tables, but the food is served up pretty quickly. pretty good meals, and not really very expensive for good thai cuisine in london. they are packed to the rafters every night though, weekdays included, and so reservations are highly recommended unless you decide to come early to skip the crowd.

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