antoinette, chinatown

decent cakes in a tiny faux-french cafe near chinatown. this is the second antoinette outlet I’ve been to, nearly a year after I visited their original branch near little india – pretty esoteric locations, but that’s the point of being a hipster establishment isn’t it? I’ve never had their savouries, but their cakes are pretty good for what they are.

this is a pretty established chain now, with three outlets that I know of (at palais renaissance, this one at chinatown and the other at little india). all of them are decked out in faux antoinette (of guillottine fame) style, with supposedly-luxe but rather garish wallpaper and white plaster swirls. I think it is meant to be give an impression of luxury and decadence, but really strikes me as being rather sort of over-the-top.

(the vast expense of female bloggers raving over this decor leaves me to believe I might be rather in the minority in this regard, but there you have it.)

but what I want to talk about are the cakes, which are served in small slices and dainty portions, as opposed to the large blocks of rustic cake I rather enjoy as well. I’ve had the namesake creation previously, which was a chocolate cake with a gooey coulis on the top, and that was pretty great. this time though, we had a green apple mousse cake which was pretty refreshing, and a green tea mousse cake with candied chestnuts.

these cakes are reminiscent of the french-japanese style, where cakes are usually equal parts sponge and mousse, and come in pretty pastel shades and small portions. the great thing about these cakes are that they usually aren’t too sweet, and the small portions actually work since larger portions might end up rather dreary.

not a bad place at all to sit down for some cake and tea, and even if you don’t appreciate the decor – as I don’t, this outlet makes for some quiet space and good catching up.

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