majestic hotel, chinatown

not a food post today so much as a conglomeration of photos I couldn’t not take while having a stroll through the majestic hotel. I’ve wanted to visit their namesake chinese restaurant for quite a long time, but an unfortunate combination of inconvenient location and mixed reviews means that I haven’t done it as yet – especially since every time I want dimsum, I essentially mean that I want a salted yolk custard bun. which means I want a damn good one – which brings me to taste paradise.

really a sort of fortunate-but-unfortunate-for-the-majestic cycle.

the lobby of this boutique hotel is filled with a mixture of artsy, new-retro hipster items like coffee books, childhood memorabilia (at a price that seems determined by emotional/nostalgic inflation rather than the national measure), and vintage ware. it makes for one cool display, and rather nice photos.

I foresee that there will come one day when I shall bemoan the demise of all these items, even in hipster shops, and then I guess this post and all the others I have written in opposition to the prevailing singapore-hipsterness will come and bite me on my behind.

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