borough market, london

a first of two posts on borough market – I love this place. there is something incredible about markets – the produce, the produce-producers, the products from the produce – my catalogue of posts about markets is rather testament to my fascination with them.

london doesn’t have nearly as many pedestrian markets as in france, and I’ve always found somehow that london markets have a higher ratio of cooked food and packaged food stores than actual grown produce. that’s just my impression though – and not necessarily a bad one as it means I can nibble from store to store (the remainder of that usually goes to my long-suffering partner and family).

borough market is my favourite of the markets in london, and it has lots of ethnic type foods such as paella and thai green curry, british favourites like the monmouth coffee, chorizo hotdogs and fish & chips, as well as european stores with raclette. the sweets are covered from cheesecakes and chocolate tarts to turkish delight and baklava, and of course there are countless butcheries and stores selling jam, mustards and pickles.

there really is too much to eat there, and so I leave you with these photos, as well as this recommendation. get the candied pecans at the large dried fruit and sweet cranberry stall run by some cheeky men. you’ll know the store when you see it – there is a wide array of nuts, fruit and middle-eastern-type sweets. they also have a fantastic white turkish delight stuffed with chopped pistachios and coated with more powdered pistachios. they’ll try to get you to buy loads, and fill your boxes to the brim, but stay firm!

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