boulangerie saint preux, paris

located at 8 avenue jean jaures, just across the entrance to the metro.

great breakfast/quick lunch spot near the jaurès metro in paris. this cafe was a short walk away from the lovely apartment we were staying at in paris, and so we popped in every morning lured by the prospects of freshly baked goods and something not often found in boulangeries – tables and chairs.

it’s a simple cafe, and of the sort that you’ll find all over paris – and france, for that matter – churning out croissants, huge loaves of country bread and baguettes, tiny choux puffs and bowls of salad. I had a chicken salad every morning to start, generous with cubes of chicken – not necessarily of the highest quality but it did well enough in the morning – and lots of healthy green leaves, a stark contrast to typical (anywhere but france) packed salads with wilted leaves and tired tomatoes.

my parents started their day with croissants and pain au chocolat – now I never understand why someone would order a plain croissant when you have the choice of getting a strip of chocolate in the middle – as well as their all-important cup of coffee.

a great stop, and useful in the area. the cafe is also large enough, and the tables wide apart sufficiently for you to drag luggage in, which makes it convenient for a meal before heading to the airport.

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