crystal jade palace restaurant, town

pretty good chinese food at the upper levels of the takashimaya (or ngee ann city) building. to my knowledge, there are four crystal jade outlets there – the simple cantonese at the basement, a xiao long bao specialist, a korean barbecue restaurant and this more elaborate cantonesque one appropriate for family gatherings. I’ve been here before, a few years ago, and usually we visit imperial treasure nanbei next door, but this was a nice change.

we started off with a few bowls of soup – a clear melon consomme for me. I’m cantonese and much inclined to clear brewed soups like this, and it was very well. we ordered jellyfish – which isn’t on the menu – and the curly crunchy pieces came in a small portion, heavily vinegared and garlicked. different from the typical sesame-oil-soya-sauce concoction, but pretty good.

the main dishes came, and these were really good and tasty. The prawns were sautéed with celery, and the heads fried and displayed alongside. crunchy, fresh prawns and crisp celery aside, prawn heads are an amazing treat. the star of the night was probably the beef cubes with garlic. tender and beefy and with those all-important garlic chips, we couldn’t stop eating this.

as you would expect, the soya chicken that came was of a decent standard, as was our mandatory vegetable dish that included tofu. very good, both.

this restaurant’s been renovated pretty recently, and it’s interior is a lot more modern than it was previously (obviously), and than its exterior would lead you to think. it’s pretty good food, and while it isn’t the cheapest of its class, it’s by no means the most expensive or unreasonable. and sometimes when what you really need is a good restaurant to bring the folks – this is it.

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