din tai fung, bishan

decent chinese at junction 8 in bishan, if you can get a seat. this is going to be a quick post on what was a quick dinner.

din tai fung is a global chain, and famous for its soup dumplings, or xiao long bao – hugely popular in the US especially (due probably to the lack of convenient access to these dumplings), din tai fung is in the same class as the simple crystal jade outlets. both chains feature commonly in singapore malls, and if I were to pick, I would do crystal jade’s lamian outlets over din tai fung.

but the cold drunken chicken is good here – chilled poached chicken doused in chinese rice wine; the pickled vegetable and meat stif-fry a good appetiser, and the dumplings decently good. not fine dining, but that’s not why you visit din tai fung anyway. prices aren’t ludicrous, but I seem to have a feeling that crystal jade is cheaper – if you’re not finicky or familiar with the cuisine or expect mindblowing food, both are good.

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