singaporean seafood dinner

hello to you all – I hope you’ve had a great christmas season with family and friends, and managed to squeeze in a little shopping/rest! I’ve been on holiday in vietnam for the last week (loads of photos and things to share with you) and while my family doesn’t explicitly celebrate christmas, it’s always a good time to rest.

before I start off on my vietnam posts, I thought I’d share with you what constitutes a dinner at home for us. we are immensely greedy seafood eaters at home, and go through a rather impressive (even if I do say so) amount of seafood for the four of us at a sitting. I don’t cook while at home – that’s my mum’s milieu and not an activity I’m permitted – and so these shots were takeb while flitting about the kitchen and annoying her as she was cooking.

from top to last: frozen mantous (chinese steamed white wheat buns) deep-frying to a crisp brown – I prefer the steamed ones myself; crabs and prawns fresh from the supermarket and seafood wholesaler – the best way to get the sweeter specimens in singapore, though usually they only sell you what’s left after the restaurants have made their orders; one steamed crab claw, my favourite way to prepare crab; mum’s rendition of our local chilli crab, but here heavier on the tomato and egg than typical renditions; and a simple plate of steamed prawns.

I hope you guys have a great new year ahead – and here’s to yet another year of great eating!

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