marriott café buffet, town

surprisingly, unexpectedly decent buffet spread at the ground floor cafe at the marriott. there isn’t much else to say about buffets (this is how blog posts always start before an astounding number of words follow) apart from the fact that it’s a manifestation of how greedy singaporeans can be (and are). there are people who try and strategise their day’s eating so as to make the most out of a single meal – I try rather to treat this as a sort of serve-yourself degustation menu. it’s far too easy to go overboard and hate yourself after the meal.

the photos are by no means meant to be an aesthetic version of the dishes they have – we’re going for real-life grit here, don’t you know. I also didn’t eat all this, thank you very much, and rather spent quite a bit of time going around the table and coercing my relatives into letting me shoot their plates.

what were impressive here were the oysters – I don’t eat them but they were apparently  small and sufficiently sweet; very good and pink roast beef and fish – the sides are paltry and sort of overly greasy, but the meat is very good; amazeballs cold lobsters with a strip of row crowning their pretty salmon-tinged flesh; a decent cheese platter with lots of dried fruit and crackers – I did only take brie, but I am a wimp when it comes to strong cheeses; and great serving staff who let us get lattes in lieu of cups of plain ol’ coffee (probably due to the fact that we were a party of almost twenty).

not too expensive for decent food, and definitely more convenient than the only other international buffet I’d go to at the shangri-la – more parking and the chance to go shopping before/after! the spread isn’t huge, mind you, and the cafe itself isn’t as large as other restaurants in this category, but it does decently enough for our tastes.

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