crystal jade jiang nan restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

really good chinese food at vivocity – and not too expensive too! I’ve already done a post on this place – and promised you another post on this place, and so here it is. I really do miss regionally-differentiated chinese food like we got in london, and this place is still one of the places where I’ve found it both good, and in a clean and modern environ (usually the ones in singapore are set up in more esoteric areas, and in more dingy conditions), which makes it easy to return to.

on this visit, we had a steamed basket of multi-colored, multi-flavored soup dumplings (also known as xiao long bao – which translates directly to small basket dumplings) which was pretty – surprisingly – good, actually. I’ve never been one for such new-fangled things, and these rainbow-colored dumplings have been around for quite a while in other similar establishments, but this really deserves a little credit. the various pieces weren’t different so much as had hints of different flavours, and the ones that were most differentiated were the foie gras piece – which had a strong, rich, fatty taste, as well as the cheese one – which worked surprisingly well, though I wouldn’t want a whole basket of these for it was a tad overpowering.

we also had a dish of poached chicken served alongside noodles and a large dollop of chilli – not so hot as to numb but potent enough that we were sweltering a little by the end of the dish, but by god did we finish it. silky chicken (with that even-silkier poached skin, if you like that sort of thing) and fragrant chili is a pretty fantastic combination. we also had a dish of fried whitebait in a dark caramelly sort of glaze; these were crisp when they came, essentially hollow tubes of fish fritters, but I’d suggest you go at them quickly as they start getting very sticky quickly. I loved the sweetness of them, but that’s probably because I have a¬†incorrigible sweet tooth – my partner found them a bit too sweet, even if he did do his part in finishing these.

my favourite dish, by far, was the so called not-fried-rice. so-called because this was essentially a dish with chinese-fried-rice flavours but fried with tiny, cleverly-cut bean sprouts instead of rice, this had all the comfort of the dish without the heaviness of rice. I can’t tell you how much I loved this, and since many bloggers mention that this dish sells out pretty quickly (surprising for its rather commonplace ingredients) I’d suggest you get at it as soon as you can, and let me know what you think.

this place is more expensive than the usual crystal jade touch-and-go establishments, but it was by no means unreasonable or a discouragement from (many) future visits.

3 thoughts on “crystal jade jiang nan restaurant, harbourfront (take 2)

  1. I just visited Crystal Jade Jiangnan last month and I loved the food there! The dim-sum was superb and I especially loved the yellow-custard bun. This was more pricier than the usual Crystal Jade but the quality of food is much better than Tung Lok (Vivo) which serves Dim Sum at the same price range :)

    • I haven’t been to the tung lok outlet at vivo actually – you should try the dimsum at the crystal jade dining in (which is just a few stores away) from this place and let me know how you think! that’s a lot more traditional cantonese, but I thought that was very good too, when I went

      • yes, I have tried all the Crystal Jade chains at Vivo&Harbourfront and i thought jiangnan was more suited to my taste :) i would only recommend tunglok if you’re extremely hungry during dinnertime and everywhere else is full :)

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