pita pan, town

alright middle-eastern/morrocan/turkish/that-region food at the al-fresco dining area of the marina bay sands. hot on the heels of my previous post lamenting the non-presence of good such-food joints in singapore, this place is a very posh conception of a fast-food joint. it’s pretty expensive, to start off, and sort of strangely – since hummus is basically pre-prepared and cooked before hand, and most of the ingredients at this place are laid out sort of subway style (so you expect prices more akin to that establishment). but the food isn’t too bad, and its location pretty convenient for a mid-shop craving/hunger pang – so I will assume now that it isn’t my last visit.

I say without qualification: “that-region” and “such-food” because the food there seems to meld into one large and rather indistinct – to an ignoramous like myself – landscape, and because even this joint’s website labels itself as serving “middle-eastern” food, which I think must be a misnomer. it’s sort of calling all the food around this place I call home asian, and that’s just bollocks.

in any case, we had pita bread with chickpea-topped hummus (in a literal tautology) that went down really easily. the hummus isn’t the smoothest, or the tastiest that I’ve come across, but I do happen to like it with a bit of body – which this had – and the serving was large enough. I mean large enough in the sense that it was good for sharing for two – but I certainly attach no sense of moneyworth to this. the pita bread was pita-good (I’m sorry, couldn’t help it) though, pillowy and fluffy – this was much better than what we were served at the beirut grill, and is the reason I’ll probably be coming back.

the shakshuka – eggs cooked in tomato – was a let-down though. an insipid, watery tomato sauce surrounding overcooked eggs – there’s really nothing more to say about this.

the drinks were expensive, even taking into consideration the area that we were in. it was empty when we came in, but a large middle-eastern family did come in mid-meal – so perhaps that tells you a bit more about either the lack of such food in singapore, or the standard of this place (I leave you to decide which it is) than I could. if you come here – and I extend a very warded recommendation – skip the shakshuka, go for some hummus and pita – and you’re good to go for hours of more shopping.

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