au chocolat, town (take 1)

pretty good dessert at the marina bay sands. this is going to be a short one as I have a longer post about this place coming up – but I thought to share these photos with you first just in case you were hankering for some sweets this coming weekend. (yay weekend!)

I’ve known about the existence of this place for a while now, but it’s rather unfortunate location at a corner of the very-large-mall far away from the entrance of the train station meant that I never had a reason to pop in, until a girlfriend and I found ourselves missing something after lunch at pita pan and this was conveniently close by.

straight up – we got a lychee and rose macaroon, as well as a slice of chocolate orange cake. we had asked the guy at the counter for recommendations, and he sputtered off the names of everything he had tried in the display counter, which came up to quite a large list – we thought this was pretty funny and so of course made our own decisions. the counter is divided quite clearly into four categories: cakes, pies, macaroons and cupcakes – but there were only two of us, so it quickly came down to our choices.

I think I should qualify the following by letting you know I don’t really like macaroons – usually too sweet and single-faceted for me. this pink confection we had was basically too-sweet (for me, anyway), though it had rather more complex flavours than I’d suppose. not a bad choice, and you ought to know that this was a large macaroon, almost the size of a tea saucer, and rather amenable to sharing.

I rather like the chocolate orange slice more – I think it a stretch to call it cake when it was composed mainly of mousse and everything-else-but-cake. it was pretty satisfying – sufficiently intense chocolate flavours to satisfy, with a slight perk from the orange. it’s also just as well that this worked, especially since its name since to imply some sort of expertise.

I like this place. it’s a little kitschy in all – did you see the photo of the ceiling? and there is a toy train running about the circumference of the restaurant, but there is a wide range of desserts, the place is open and lets you people-watch, and the desserts are just fine. it’s also not particularly expensive within the context of its style and location, so I’ll definitely come back (and already have, you’ll see soon enough).

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