almond torta

this was.. an experiment to see if I could get my butter-cake-loving parents to accept a new texture, different flavours – and I’m not sure I succeeded – but whether that’s because of this recipe or their deeply-entrenched reticence for change is another matter.

I don’t have much to say about this cake except that the recipe turned out pleasantly with a – to my mind – very italian rustic-style cake, dense and fragrant with almonds and zest with a pock-marked surface and a satisfyingly neat cut. it was a tad sweet for me though, so I’d dial down the sugar just a little the next time I make this. recipe follows, and I hope you try it if you’re hankering after something homey and filling for tea – this fits the bill very well.

almond torta

2 eggs, separated (separate them when cold, then allow to go to room temperature)
scant pinch of salt
83g sugar
zest of 1/2 lemon + 1/2 orange
1 tsp orange juice
1/3 tsp vanilla
75g almond meal (ground almonds)

    1. preheat the oven to 180C. butter and flour a 6-inch round cake tin.
    2. beat the yolks with the sugar until it becomes a smooth, pale cream. beat in the zests, juice and vanilla together. beat in the almond meal.
    3.  beat the whites with salt until stiff peaks form, and then fold into the batter – I like to first use about 1-2 tbsp of the whites and whisk vigorously into the batter to loosen it up, before folding in the remaining whites in 2-3 batches gently.
    4. bake the cake for 40 minutes until it is golden on top and a cake tester comes out moist but without crumbs. let cool completely in the tin, before sliding a thin serrated knife around the edge and loosening it off – it will be moist so take care not to break it.

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