chinese new year flowers, part 1

just part one of a batch of photos I took while at the nursery today – my parents buy a number of potted plants every year in preparation for chinese new year (10 february this year), and it brightens up the garden wonderfully. this is one in a long list of traditions – and I think the easiest one by far. many plants have significance based on the sounds of their name – essentially if the name of the plant shares the same pronunciation as something lucky, you buy it.

this is the first in four years that I’m back for the celebration, and it’s a little bittersweet, as with many things: it’s going to be great having steamboat with the family and stealing slices of abalone in the kitchen while my grandma prepares the meal (I am a favourite grandchild), but having a reunion dinner with friends and my partner in the midst of the cold of winter has its charm too.

but anyway, aren’t these gorgeous? the second half of my photos will be coming up!

5 thoughts on “chinese new year flowers, part 1

  1. just came upon your site, and what a find :) the festive mood isn’t really visible in the office but the photos of flowers are so beautiful! happy chinese new year in advance ;)

    • thank you, I’m glad you like it – happy lunar new year to you too! I feel chinese new year more keenly than the new year, so I’m just about bursting with impatience for sunday despite the fact that my office isn’t big on decoration either :p

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