pho 24 restaurant, ho chi minh

decent pho at this chain all over ho chi minh. we always pop by here before or after a bout of shopping at ben thanh, and always for the same order: a bowl of noodles for each of us, plus a platter or two of starters.

the noodles come with four options: meatballs, rare slices of beef, well-done beef slices, and a bowl of everything – which includes tripe, meatballs andboth rare and well-done slices of beef. my favourite are the rare pieces, which are incredibly beefy and cook up as you’d like in the hot broth, as well as a side order of the bouncy meatballs. throw in the aromatics they provide you on the side, and it’s a quick, tasty, and very healthy meal.

service is quick here, and the food comes quick and good. portions now appear to have gone towards the modern fashion, with the same large bowl of noodles, but diminishing portions of meat from our visits a few years ago – despite that, it’s still an incredibly good deal for lunch.

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