song ngu seafood restaurant, ho chi minh

located at at 70 Suong Nguyet Anh, District 1.

really good seafood in downtown ho chi minh – used to be one of our favourite restaurants but standards seem to have dropped a wee bit, although this place is still a fantastic option for a meal. my family comes to ho chi minh to eat – and shop a little – and not much else, and seafood is our only agenda – lots of it, and as fresh and big as we can get it.

this is my parent’s 7th trip to hcm, and my 4th, and on each trip we have returned to this place for its more refined (than another place I’ll share after this) ambience and good food, as well as the frequent performances from a lady up on a podium in the middle of the restaurant playing a traditional instrument. on this visit, she wasn’t here – and it seems to me that after four years of not coming here, the food is still very good, even if I expected it to be better.

we had a dizzying array of dishes – of which these photos are a mere subset – so let me tell you what you ought to try:

  1. grilled tiger prawns – so amazingly tasty with succulent flesh and a very fatty and intense-tasting head, these are a must-order in every seafood restaurant we go to in ho chi minh;
  2. fried rice with crabmeat in a coconut – very fragrant, and well-fried rice (you can judge its standard from the separate grains and even smattering of generous crabmeat) that absorb even more fragrance from its coconut container;
  3. the clams cooked either with lemongrass or a coconut-milk type curry – juicy and tender clams in good savoury sauces;
  4. and their fried vegetables – very simply stir-fried with fish sauce and other seasonings, these are more fragrant than the chinese stir-fries for their inclusion of aromatics.

I’d stay away from the spicy squid the next time: these were quite powerfully spicy, and while tasty, felt like too much heat to be truly enjoyable (unless you’re a spice fiend), as well as those fried croquettes. I can’t remember what was in those, but it felt like eating a fritter of mayonnaise, which was rather eeky. we always finish with a platter of watermelon, intensely sweet and juicy, and a refreshing end to a good meal.

on the next post, I’ll tell you about the restaurant that’s usurped this place as our favourite restaurant in ho chi minh, where you can get even better food for less. by the by, this place is cheaper than equivalent establishments in singapore, but it’s in no way considered cheap in ho chi minh. service here is a little hit-and-miss; it’s not so much a tourist-centric establishment so comprehension of our orders was slightly hampered, and they seemed rather negligent as well – but the food came fast and hot, so perhaps that doesn’t matter nearly so much.

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