kissho japanese restaurant, ho chi minh

located at 14 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, District 1, HCMC.

alright japanese food in downtown ho chi minh. we chanced upon this place while wandering about, and were attracted by the multitude of banners hung outside. the food was slightly better than passable, and not too expensive, though we might pass on this next time (especially in light of so much other good food in the city) – unless we had a strong craving for japanese.

it’s a rather large L-shaped restaurant, with a long sushi counter down one end. we arrived just as they opened, but the place filled up quickly enough – maybe testament to the level of japanese cuisine in the city?

there were a pretty large number of lunch sets on the menu, and we ordered four of them – all bog-standard with steamed egg custards, pickles, rice and salad and a choice of accompanying dishes.

the teppan fixed beef with vegetables was tender and rather tasty, the grilled saba was a little dry and smallish, and while my stew of simmered fish with vegetables was pleasantly sweet-savory (in the way japanese/thai/vietnamese cuisines can be) and satisfyingly filling, the fish was a tad fishy, which led me to think it might not have been fresh.

the chawanmushis were suitably silky, the rice of good quality, and really this isn’t a bad option for japanese in the city, although I haven’t tried any other japanese places in ho chi minh. but I’d probably hit one of the seafood restaurants instead.

3 thoughts on “kissho japanese restaurant, ho chi minh

  1. I’m so inexperienced in Japanese food when it comes to anything a part form sushi.. What are your top tips? Teppand and sabba or are there dishes that are even more common/have-to-try ?

    • thank you for stopping by and commenting! I’m no expert (but I love japanese food) – but here are a few categories of japanese food I love: sukiyaki (meat stew), nabe (clear soup hotpot), teppan (high heat stir-fry), kushiyaki (bamboo grilled skewers), grilled fish (try the fish heads if you dare – they’re so good!), sashimi (raw fish, and especially salmon roe), sushi (stuffed rolled/topped rice).

      don’t forget to try japanese short-grain rice, and the different varieties of noodles!

      hope this helps!

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