mekong dinner cooking class, mekong delta (the eating part)

this was dinner after our cooking class – and a pretty good one at that, even if it does sort of show you the abbreviated portions they serve (and why we had to order more). I did wonder at this meal if the problem could be fully accounted for by the fact that we have unashamedly large appetites for seafood and all sorts of good food – but even you must agree that the prawns up there look a little sad on a large white plate (yes, they arrived like that).

we started with what seemed a disproportionately large number of spring rolls, though these were more chinese-like, and not the mung-bean wrapped ones we had been taught to roll before.  then that large plate came – I could have said a large plate with prawns, which would have been a massive euphemism but highly deceptive – with fresh prawns, simply boiled and sweet.

the vegetables were probably my favourite part – I have a deep and abiding love for plain vegetables, and stir-fried simply till fragrant with fish sauce, these were crisp and lovely and everything I like. then followed the sweet and sour pork, as well as the wontons in soup that we had learnt to make before.

we finished with segmented pomelo, which I thought was a refreshing end to the meal – very wholesome and healthy. I quibble about portion size, but I doubt these would have done much for people with healthy appetites; the food was fantastically simple and beautiful in that simplicity though.

more on the mekong lodge found on the heading out for food page, if you scroll down to vietnam | mekong delta.

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